The Naivety of Statism

“The idea of a voluntary society, or a stateless society, or an anarchic society, is not idealistic. What is idealistic is a statist society – that is naive, and dangerous… because a statist society carries with it the assumption that you’re going to create this incredible hierarchy, this blood-soaked pyramid – institutionalized hierarchical power – with the power to print money whenever it wants, the power to start wars, to incarcerate at-will, to create laws at-will, to bribe their friends and punish their enemies…

…and not ONE SINGLE evil guy is ever going to be interested in running that system. Never! You’re only going to get really great guys at the top, and all the evil guys are going to be criminals in alleys, they’re never going to be congressmen or presidents or prime ministers, or anything like that!

It is the statist who is naive about human nature and the potential for evil. The anarchist, the voluntaryist, recognizes that human nature is corrupted by power – and to create a monolithic thing called “the state,” with all of the powers that it has, is only gonna draw – like flies to manure, the most evil people to the top of that pyramid structure.”

~Stefan Molyneux


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