Rights vs Privileges

“A RIGHT is something that you have inherently. It is not given to you by anyone. A right is something that is granted to you by God, the creator, or by a higher authority…or in other words….whoever AUTHORED YOU. A right is not bestowed to you by a person, government, political organization or proclaimed authority. You do not have CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS…..the Constitution merely proclaims…, exalts and declares the rights YOU ALREADY HAVE by the very fact that you were born. This is an important distinction. A RIGHT is genuine. It is self-evident. A privilege is the complete opposite of a RIGHT. A privilege is not a right. You don’t have the privilege of free speech, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Once you understand this principle, clarified by our founding fathers, you should then do yourself a favor and reread the BILL OF RIGHTS and remember this: it was not called the BILL OF PRIVELEGES for a reason.” – Claudia Pavonis


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