2 thoughts on “Acts, Statutes, Policies And Codes Are NOT Laws

  1. “Acts, Statutes, Policies And Codes Are NOT Laws”
    Unless of course, you made them your Laws, by unwittingly volunteering into that system of laws (Admiralty) via hidden ‘contracts’. Like for instance… your use of Federal Reserve Notes to ‘discharge’ your debts in ‘equity’, instead of paying your debts ‘at law’ with gold & silver coin, as mandated @ article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution, by participating in this scam called: “Democracy”, by registering to vote, and voting, your willing participation in the grandaddy of all Ponzi schemes called: “Social Security”, your participation in ‘limited liability’ via insurance, and this thing called “license”. ALL of which, subjects you to ‘admiralty jurisdiction’, which makes all those “”Acts, Statutes, Policies And Codes”–YOUR LAW …..DOH!!!!

  2. This is for us in the US anyway, but the same applies to anywhere Anglo Saxon administrative law applies, which does include Britain. In Britain it it is just done slightly different….with diffident labels/names.

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