A Declaration of Individual Independence

I am me, I am free. Not because I was granted freedom from some political organisation, but because I stand under the natural and inalienable rights I was born with. I know that I am responsible and liable for the consequences of my actions. In turn, I act accordingly with respect to the rights of others. In doing so I adhere to Natural Law only. I am not affiliated with, do not stand under the authority of, nor lay claim to the identity created by any hierarchical, political institution. I am that I am, a sovereign living being with all of the rights bestowed upon me by the creator, whatever that may be. I shall not be legally named. I refuse, reject and revoke all presumption of consent to create joinder with the Crown’s legal fiction: the PERSON, thus I am in no way subject to their fictional jurisdiction. I do not accept surety for any fictional debt, nor will I be used as collateral for the central banking system. No other human being has a higher claim of authority over my life than me, consequently, no collective of human beings may abrogate my right to say no to the dictates of a centralised political force. I AM.

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