Power without Authority is Tyranny

One can consent to authority but authority, by it’s definition, has no legitimacy outside of that consent. The use of force against the will of another, unless in self defense or the defense of another, is neither legitimate nor lawful, it is merely the use of power without authority, which is criminal.

Power is the “ABILITY or STRENGTH[1]” to do a thing.

Authority is the “RIGHT to exercise powers[2]”, and the “JUST CLAIM[3]”, i.e. right, to exercise powers over others can only be acquired by their individual, voluntary “permission[4]”.

An individual, or some group of individuals, may have POWER over you, but they can only gain lawful AUTHORITY to exercise that power via PERMISSION, i.e. CONSENT[5], from YOU.

[1] Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language [Emphasis added]
[2]] Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition (c.199), page 133 [Emphasis added]
[3] Ibid., page 1324
[4] Ibid., page 133
[5] Permission. A license to do a thing; an authority to do an act which, without such authority, would have been unlawful. An act of permitting, formal CONSENT, authorization, leave, license or liberty granted[5]… Ibid., page 1140 [Emphasis added]

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