Deconstructing Government Word Magic


Take a word that describes a natural condition, reassign your own meaning while retaining the original defining aspect of the word. This is how the State manages to brainwash so many people.

Example, Law. Gravity is an immutable Law, as are all natural Laws. In the minds of the people, Laws are absolute and therefore can’t be broken or subverted. Make up your own rules, label them Laws, always refer to your rules as Laws and the people will start to believe that your rules are actually immutable laws instead of what they actually are, which is a series of contrived rules given authority by consent.

Another Example, Crime. A crime is an act of injustice where there is some form of injured party. The State refers to every breach of it’s rules as a crime, even though there may be no injustice or injured party. So all the State has to do to maintain absolute power is convince enough people that a breach of it’s contrived rules is a crime and the people will not only surrender their free will to the State’s dictates, but even bite the ankles of their fellow man for lack of subservience.

Rather than ask if an act is illegal according to government rules, ask: am I causing an injustice where the rights of another is being violated.

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